Mambo Trombo is latin music all the way.  From classics like Sabora Mi and Augustin Lara's famous "Granada" to brand new original songs like "Mi Amor en Mexico"  and "Amigo From Tampico", Mambo Trombo has been pleasing audiences at Hacienda Casa Blanca for the last two years.     With the base trio of  Irving Flores on Piano, Tommy Aros on Latin Percussion and Dave Scott on Trombone and Vocals, the group can also be a Quartet with Bass.   

Recently, the Mambo Trombo Trio has been joined on-stage by trombone virtuoso Bill Watrous, singer Coral Thuet, and also by the legendary "King of the Bongos"  Jack Costanzo.   "Mr. Bongo" as he was sometimes billed was featured in films and on stage with Elvis, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole.