Dave Scott and the New Jazz Groove    Dave Scott and the New Slide Quartet

Dave Scott and the New Jazz Groove every Thursday 8-11PM at Harrah's "Corked" Lounge

Robert Bush, March 2, 2012


Dave Scott and the New Slide Quartet


A swinging rhythm section with Dave out front, the New Jazz Groove taps into the cool jazz period with a whole new sound.  Some funk. Some latin. Some R & B and a whole lotta groove.

Dave leads the band with his trombone and vocals.  He credits his smooth sound to his friend and mentor, the legendary Bill Watrous.  In a tribute to Sinatra and Nat King Cole,  Dave was a featured guest artist with Orchestra Nova under the direction of conductor Jung-Ho Pak.  The 2010 concert at the Escondido Performing Arts Center included arrangements by Pianist Irving Flores.

Dave's original compositions have been featured on both radio and television and span the full spectrum from straight-ahead to samba,  calypso to cool, smooth jazz to hip hop, with lyrics that speak of life, love and a little weather.      

The New Jazz Groove is a favorite at clubs like Croce's in downtown San Diego and The Grill (formerly Elario's) atop Hotel La Jolla and was featured at both the Carlsbad and La Jolla Music Festivals.  The rhythm section has included some of the greats :
Piano:   Irving Flores, Joshua White, Tommy Gannon, John Opferkuch, Anthony Smith, Lynn Willard, Rob Whitlock.

Bass:    Mark Hunter, Danny Weller, Justin Grinnell, Rob Thorsen, Gunnar Biggs.

Drums:  Kevin Koch, Duncan Moore, Tommy Aros, Richard Sellers, Russell Bizette, Tim McMahon, Toby Ahrens.



Concert poster by Jamie Shadowlight